Who we are

Gihon Farm Fresh Ltd is a duly registered company in Kenya that was Started in 2018 with an aim of supplying chillies and other Asian vegetables to the European market. Over time, we have grown our capabilities to supply our products globally. 

Choose Gihon Farm Fresh Ltd for high-quality, sustainably sourced produce, global supply capabilities, and a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

Our Products

 We Supply Avocadoes, Mangoes, Passion Fruits, Pixie Oranges, Chillies, Snowpeas, Sugarsnaps and French Beans. These products are sourced from our farms in Mashuru Kajiando County.


Sugar Snaps

Indulge in nature's candy with our Sugar Snaps.

Snow Peas

Crisp, juicy, and refreshing, our Snow Peas are

French Bean

Experience the elegance of our French Beans. With


Indulge in the velvety elegance of our Eggplants.

Bullet Chillies

Brace yourself for an explosive taste sensation with


Discover the epitome of culinary refinement with our

Apple Banana

Take a tropical getaway with our Apple Bananas.

African Red and Green Chillies

Ignite your taste buds with the fiery brilliance


Purple passion

Indulge in the exotic and vibrant Purple Passion


Delight in the tropical sweetness of our Mangoes,


Experience the rich and creamy goodness of our

We guarantee the freshest produce whenever you buy from us.

Why Choose Us

Exceptional Quality

Choose Gihon Farm Fresh Ltd for exceptional quality produce, ensuring freshness and flavor in every product.

Sustainable Practices

Our sustainable practices, including integrated pest management and efficient resource utilization, make us an environmentally responsible choice.

Global Supply Capabilities

With global supply capabilities, we can reliably cater to wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, providing a steady and efficient supply of our diverse range of products.

Customer Satisfaction

Count on Gihon Farm Fresh Ltd for a proven track record of customer satisfaction, as we prioritize building long-term partnerships and delivering exceptional service and product excellence.