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We are a one stop shop fromĀ  farming, packaging & exportation of fresh farm produce.

Patrosa Organics Ltd. is a family-rooted agricultural enterprise in Mombasa, Kikambala, cultivating over four decades of organic farming expertise. From humble beginnings with maize and beans, we’ve evolved into a leading provider of diverse, sustainably grown produce. With a commitment to quality, environmental stewardship, and community prosperity, our farm spans over 100 acres, yielding an abundance of wholesome fruits and vegetables. Through strategic partnerships and global export initiatives, we share our bounty with discerning consumers worldwide. Our story is one of resilience, innovation, and a dedication to nurturing both land and people, ensuring a legacy of health and sustainability for generations to come.

Our Mission

To cultivate sustainable, organic produce while promoting environmental stewardship, community well-being, and global access to nutritious, flavorful foods.

Our Vision

Empowering generations through wholesome, organically grown crops, fostering a healthier planet and a thriving global community united by a shared love for fresh, sustainable agriculture.

Our Products

Sweet potatoes, Plantains, Green bananas, White yams, Yellow yams, Garlic, Ginger, Red /green chillies, Soursop, apples, Both seeded and unseeded grapes

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Why choose us

Exceptional Quality Produce

We guarantee premium produce grown with meticulous attention to organic farming, ensuring superior taste, freshness, and nutritional value in every harvest.

Commited to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture prioritizes eco-friendly practices that minimize our environmental impact, promoting long-term ecological balance and preserving natural resources.

Community Engagement

We actively supports local communities through employment opportunities, partnerships with small-scale farmers, and contributions to local economic development initiatives, fostering social responsibility and community well-being.

Ready to engage us?

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, or individual consumer, contact us to discuss how we can meet your organic produce needs and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable food system.